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Why do companies brand their products?

The answer: so you can find the product on the shelf. This is a simple and a correct answer. Yet, when asked this question, there are lots of other answers proffered. Those answers might be complex or more academic, yet, like the answer to “Why does the chicken cross the road?”, no other answer is better in its correctness and simplicity than the answer “so you can find the product on the shelf”.

A “brand” separates the product you are looking for from all of the other similar products and allows you to do so quickly, correctly and repeatedly.

And so it is with people….we all have personal “brands” too. Personal brands are the labels we use for ourselves, the labels others use to describe us. These personal labels are the ones that bosses, the press, customers, coworkers, all use to describe us at times of selection, promotion, or any time they wish to compare and differentiate us from others. Sometimes these labels are accurate, sometimes out of date, sometimes they are career accelerating and at other times the exact opposite.

It is the repetition of our own behaviors and the congruence of opinion about those behaviors that make a personal brand. You can shape this by choosing the language, the emphasis and focus of your personal brand statement. Borrowing from my friend Aristotle, I say “you are who people repeatedly think you are”.

Building Relationships

At the senior leadership level, building relationships is beneficial and necessary during a transition period. We, at The Innis Company, have developed strategies and tactics to enable senior executives to build bridges to the future and foster relationships that encourage career growth.

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Bosses often ignore funk after layoffs

In recent years, The Dallas Morning News has gone through a series of downsizings – all with advance warning that made me anxious.

But I didn't go out and celebrate after learning that I still had a job. I was relieved, but I was also depressed about the talent we lost. And I felt a little guilty when I passed by empty desks.

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