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According to Forbes.com, America’s 500 largest public companies have laid off approximately 290,000 employees in January and February alone. There doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.

Now, more than ever, outplacement services play an integral role in assisting companies navigate the uneven ground of mass layoffs and downsizings due to these rough economic times. It is a difficult and emotional time for everyone – both employer and employee – and that is why outplacement services are more relevant than ever.

Outplacement and career transition are not new concepts to organizations managing large employee transitions. What is new is the environment the terminated employee must negotiate to find their next position. There are more job seekers than there are job openings. The competition for these fewer jobs is more ferocious—more people better prepared and more motivated than ever to land a job. Today’s job seeker cannot be a casual looker, they not only have to be the best at their craft – they also need to be highly skilled in the craft of finding and capturing the attention of an employer.

Outplacement services smooth the transition for both employer and employee while minimizing stress and helping to maintain the morale of the remaining employees. Career transition services support the employee’s separation from the company while positioning them for success in a new company. Succeeding at finding a new job or making a major career change is hard work and requires expert assistance.

The consultants at The Innis Company are experts in career transition. With more than 20 years in the business of advising corporations, executives, and corporate employees, they understand that wisely managing employee career transition is integral to business success and individual success. Importantly, The Innis Company has developed the reputation and resources to support the transition of “C” Suite executives and other executive leaders. We provide one on one private career transition coaching, group job search skills workshops, on line career transition programs and an e-career center. We create custom, semi custom and off the shelf programming to meet the program specifications and budget requirements of our customer. Have questions? Call me or email me at info@inniscompany.com.

Senior executives have a unique capacity to affect people all around them and the work that they do; subordinates, peers, superiors, customers, suppliers of products and services. These relationships have great leverage for the senior executive.

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