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1. What is executive coaching?

Coaching provides a powerful force to help executives clearly examine their values, skills, mission, personal impact, and relationships. Executive coaching is designed to accelerate career growth and to improve effectiveness at work and is conducted in a one-to-one confidential professional relationship. Executive coaching is provided for developmental reasons, and for situational reasons. Reasons like new boss, new role, new geography, and new expectation. The overarching goal is to produce individual performance results that are both observable and measurable, and that are commensurate with the business and professional requirements of the coaching participant.

Coaching involves these two key components:

a) Evaluating the individual’s current performance or behavior circumstance
b) Creating and acting on an action plan for development, change, and improvement

2. Why would an executive need or want an executive coach?

There are many reasons why an executive might want an executive coach. The two biggest reasons are the executive wants expert advice and the executive wants to improve. Other reasons for coaching are:

• Expert advice
• Another voice
• A confidential safe place to work difficult problems or forge through new territory
• Because you want to improve

It could be that there are specific issues that need to be addressed, or it could be that you simply need someone to challenge them, be a sounding board, or an impartial collaborator.

3. What does an executive coach do?

An executive coach utilizes their knowledge and skill to improve the performance of their client. The role of an executive coach is to help a client journey from where they are to where they want to be. As an example, think of a football coach. The main role of a football coach is to identify the current performance level of their players, assess their capability, define the desired performance level, and find a way to get his team and players to the new level.

Executive coaches:

a) Identify current performance state.
b) Identify desired performance state.
c) Creates the pathway for the client to get to the goal.

4. How can I benefit from an executive coach?

Coaching is targeted and customized for you. Executive coaching benefits you because you set the goals and you and your coach work on exactly what will benefit you and your career. There are some typical benefits derived from working with an executive coach. Through this developmental you can:

a) Increase personal awareness of strengths and impact on others and organization
b) Have access to third-party objectivity and confidentiality to assist with difficult situations
c) Have direct one-on-one assistance to accelerate taking on and trying new ideas.
d) Receive expertise in corporate nuances added to your own
e) Experience rapid results when there is a commitment to following the plan
f) Learn to make better decisions – experienced coaches offer insight and perspective on ideas garnered from other similar situations
g) Develop stronger and more aggressive goals for success by clarifying the skills and competencies for success in a leadership role

5. Am I a good candidate for coaching?

Ask yourself the following:

How willing am I to:

• Discuss and honestly disclose my actions and thoughts with someone else?
• Go beyond my comfort zone to try new approaches, discuss my misgivings, and reveal problems?
• Take actions that I have not tried before, even if I find it difficult?
• Look at myself and be honest about my behaviors, thoughts, and concerns?
• Let someone else know that I don’t agree?
• Listen without judging?
• Allow a new idea or concept outside of my usual work requirements?
• Work hard to apply what I’m learning to my everyday situations?
• Hold a scheduled coaching time on my calendar?
• Believe there are things I can change to be more effective regardless of whether someone else changes as well?

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6. How much time does it take?

Most engagements last from a few months to one year, some engagements continue longer than that and some renew multiple times. The length depends on the individual’s coaching goal. Sessions generally range from as short as a ½ an hour check-in per week to one to two hours at varying intervals. Occasionally, an engagement will begin with a four to six hour session, followed up with sessions of ½ hour to one hour.

7. Who pays?

Your company pays. The Innis Company is a business to business enterprise. This means individuals participate in company-sponsored executive coaching with their company’s consent and sponsorship.

The cost of the service varies according to the program duration, level of coach, nature of the coaching initiative. The fee will be determined prior to the program. The entire coaching program will be invoiced at one time and the fee is due with the first meeting.

8. What is the ROI for me?

Improved performance, better leadership skills, stronger relationships, greater career clarity, stronger sense of self and personal strengths or weaknesses are typical outcomes. Your ROI depends on your goals. That is the strongest benefit of coaching. The coaching goals and the outcomes are customized to you and your needs.

9. How do I find the right coach for me?

Finding the right coach will involve understanding the prospective coach’s philosophy, style, and type of coaching expertise. The Innis Company coaches have the following characteristics:

• They are career experts
• They are successful executives
• Effective interpersonal skills
• They are committed to helping others find greater stronger even more distinguished careers
• They understand business and the executive suite
• Political savvy
• Leadership experience
• Successful business careers
• Experience in coaching executives
• Experience using and providing feedback on multiple 360 assessments
• Experience with simultaneously being tough and confrontational in a supportive way
• Respect for confidentiality
• Understanding of the corporate environment/industry
• Understanding of the developmental process
• Flexibility and creativity in face of ambiguity, fast change, and uncertainty


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